Cynthia will be teaching a workshop to the hand therapists at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles in December 2017

Client-Centered Treatment for

Chemo-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy of the Upper Extremity


Speaker Cynthia Cooper has thirty-eight years of work experience in hand therapy in various settings including out-patient services, hospital-based programs, private hand centers, and hand surgeons’ offices. Her positions have included senior hand therapist, director of hand therapy, and clinical research coordinator. Ms. Cooper was hand therapy team leader and clinical research coordinator for over 7 years at Mayo Hospital in Phoenix, AZ, where she held academic rank. She had a private practice for several years in Scottsdale, AZ, until moving to CA in October, 2016. She has presented at state, national and international meetings.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will:

  • describe chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) and its impact on occupational performance and overall quality of life
  • distinguish between sensory pain and sensory impairment and will apply this distinction to their clinical reasoning in treating CIPN
  • demonstrate 3 evidence-based occupational therapy interventions for sensory impairment due to CIPN
  • provide a home program for symptom management that includes a client’s family member or significant other as appropriate

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